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It seems to be an easy task to make a beautiful description of the apartment. But some have real problems with this. Of course, in the announcement you need to emphasize the advantages of the apartment, but the announcement is not "rubber", and in the description you do not need to write a whole poem - it scares people. The main thing to know who we are going to sell it.

More precisely, for whom it can be suitable. For this we need a portrait of the buyer. Before you make a description of the apartment in the ad, you need to introduce the person (or family) who is looking for such an apartment.

We do not take exceptions, we take the total mass of potential buyers. As the elderly and young people are different. It is not necessary to "sew" all with the same comb. But now we are interested in the main portrait of the client.


Czech Republic

  • Revoluční 767/25, Staré Město, Praha 1, 110 00 (office address)


  • via Vasari 1, Treviso




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SKAISTA provides a full complement of real estate brokerage and consulting services. Our collaborative culture, industry knowledge, extensive experience, and dedicated customer service will deliver successful real estate solutions.

The modern real estate market requires an aggressive marking strategy, utilizing innovative concepts including current social media trends. SKAISTA delivers what the market requires.

Our team has an extensive professional network and strong partnerships with owner tenants and investors to find best innovative and creative solutions for complex real estate problems of our clients

We are proud of being unique and principled as a small real estate brokerage and management company. We are passionately committed and dedicated to providing professional real estate and property management services in the community through our reliability, fiscal responsibility, creative problem solving, creation of new opportunities, teamwork and leadership.

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